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Criminal Defense Attorney - Maryland Probation & Parole Lawyer

Fight Probation or Parole Violation Charges

Are you facing revocation of your probation or parole? Frequently, alleged parole violations and probation violations are the result of misunderstandings or miscommunication with the parole officer/probation officer. You don't have to lose your freedom. Talk with an experienced Baltimore criminal defense attorney about your rights and options. Contact us at the Law Offices of Marc G. Snyder for experienced legal advice throughout Maryland.

Standard conditions, as well as any number of special conditions, may have been tied to your probation or parole. Failure to comply with any of these conditions can result in the revocation of your probation or parole and you could be sent to jail or back to prison. Probation or parole violations include:

  • • Failure to supply residence information to probation/parole officer
  • • Failure to report to probation officer when required
  • • Possession of a weapon
  • • Failing a drug test or alcohol test (if required to remain alcohol-free/drug-free)
  • • Commission of any misdemeanor or felony crime
  • • Failure to pay necessary fines, fees or restitution (if they are a part of your sentence)
  • • Failure to complete any classes or treatment required (alcohol treatment, anger management, driver school, etc.)
  • • Failure to comply with any other special conditions

Make sure to check out our free guide to a successful probation!

Violation Has Serious Penalties

Violating conditions of parole or probation could result in serious consequences. Probation was likely ordered in exchange for a suspended sentence. If you are found to be in violation of the conditions of your probation, you could face the original sentence (e.g. jail time) with additional time tacked on for the violation itself. Parole offers opportunity for individuals in confinement to ease back into the community on early release due to good behavior. However, if you are found to be in violation of parole, you may be sent back to prison for the full amount remaining in your sentence.

Therefore, if you are facing a probation or parole violation hearing, it is critical that you take the matter seriously. Having a skilled Baltimore defense attorney in your corner can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of the hearing. Rather than your having a sentence reinstated and being returned to confinement, we may be capable of getting the violation allegation dropped or negotiating an alternative penalty, such as house arrest, community service or a work release program.

Baltimore Criminal defense attorney Marc G. Snyder focuses almost exclusively on criminal defense representation. He has the experience, skill and perseverance to provide effective representation in Maryland parole and probation violation cases.

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