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Personal Injury Attorney | Maryland Truck Accident Lawyer

In our office, when we talk about "traditional motor vehicle" accidents, we are usually referring to car, motorcycle, and (some types of) truck accidents. Of course, no case is truly traditional. Each case has its own individual character and unique differences. Maryland law differentiates in a large way between non-commercial and commercial vehicles, and therefore, the way they are each handled in the case of an accident can vary quite a bit.

When speaking of truck accidents, for purposes of this discussion, we will separate the non-commercial trucks, such as a Cadillac Escalade, Ford Bronco, or Jeep Cherokee, and a multi-ton tow truck or cement mixer. The way accidents involving these vehicles are handled depends very much on the specific type of vehicle involved.

Even if we are dealing only with non-commercial trucks such as the ones named above, the process and applicable rules are still much different than those applied to a standard car. In another articles, for example, we will discuss the differences one when dealing with an accident involving a motorcycle.

It must be said that, regardless of the specific type of vehicle your accident involves,

Experience is Key in Truck Accidents

While most personal injury lawyers are adequately prepared to handle traditional vehicle cases, not all of them have experience working with commercial vehicles, or even "untraditional" traditional vehicles such as large trucks that are still not considered commercial.

Why is it so important to make sure the lawyer you hire understands the differences between these various types of vehicles? There are many reasons. Commercial vehicles such as large trucks behave very differently on the road than regular cars.

We Consider Everything

When dealing with a commercial vehicle, you almost certainly will be dealing with the business that owns that vehicle. In addition, in most cases, the commercial vehicle will be performing some work-related duty when the incident takes place. Not many drivers choose to take out there huge, commercial vehicles for a Sunday joyride. What this means is that your lawyer will have to consider, and will most likely have to deal with, not just the driver and/or insurance holder for that car, but the employer and insurance company connected with the commercial vehicle.

When a case involves a business entity, it is for lack of a better phrase, a "whole new ballgame." You can be sure that the insurance company and lawyers representing the business have experience dealing with these types of cases. After all, it is likely all that they do, and used to dealing with legal matters involving their business.

You, on the other hand, are a lot less likely to have experience in this kind of case. Even if you have been involved in an accident before, and went through the personal injury process, it most likely involved a traditional vehicle such as a car or light truck.

Trust Us

There are many more differences between traditional vehicle-involved personal injury matters, and those involving large truck and/or commercial vehicles. Throughout our website, we will be regularly adding additional articles and helpful information on this subject. Please feel free to browse our site and read anything that interests you.

If you have been involved in an accident involving a truck or any type of commercial vehicle, we would be happy to discuss the matter with you in more detail and answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can call us anytime at (410) 528-1177, or email any questions to ""

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