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Criminal Defense Attorney - Maryland Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense for Juveniles in Maryland

If you are a minor (generally younger than age 18) and have been arrested or are charged with a crime as a Juvenile, you could be facing severe penalties, and possibly even face being tried as an adult depending upon the circumstance.

As a Juvenile charged with a crime you have rights and often many options for handling the charges.

The Baltimore Juvenile Defense team at the Law Offices of Marc G. Snyder is available to help and advise in your time of need. We know that these can be difficult times for your and your family members. Our staff is familiar with the system, and is dedicated to providing representation of the highest quality. Juvenile Lawyer Marc G. Snyder has recently announced his Complete Person Method for Juvenile Representation.

In Maryland, the age of majority is 18. For most legal purposes, and those meaning the difference between being treated as an adult or a juvenile, the age of importance is 18. Below are some of the most common questions, and answers, on the subject of Maryland's juvenile law:

Introduction to Maryland's Department of Juvenile Services

The Maryland Department of Juvenile Services provides individualized care and treatment to youth who have violated the law, or who are a danger to themselves or others. Through a variety of programs that reflect the most creative, effective and efficient use of resources, the Department of Juvenile Services strives to help young people, with the involvement of their families, reach their full potential as productive and positive members of society. The Department of Juvenile Services is committed to making youth responsible and accountable for their actions. This is accomplished at the least restrictive level of care consistent with public safety.

Marc G. Snyder has numerous years of experience in both prosecution and defense. Due to the fact that Marc G. Snyder was once a skilled prosecutor, we are able to offer clients the benefit of legal assistance based upon an understanding of both sides of the case. This can give you an advantage when it comes to avoiding a conviction. When we enter your defense, you will have a dedicated defense team at your side ready to protect you from any allegations. Please call our firm today to set up a free consultation.

If you still have questions about the Maryland Juvenile Court System, give us a call at (410) 528-1177(9529) or visit our frequently asked Juvenile court questions page.

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