Fighting Drug Possession Charges in Maryland
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Criminal Defense Attorney - Maryland Drug Charge Defense Lawyer

Fighting Drug Possession Charges in Maryland

If you follow the news today, you might be excused for believing drugs, especially marijuana, are becoming "no big deal." With legalization taking place in several states, and more and more support for the decriminalization of marijuana, you may believe nobody prosecutes for marijuana possession anymore. Unfortunately, in Maryland, you would be wrong.

In Maryland, drug possession remains a serious crime that the State takes very seriously. While the severity of sentencing differs among drugs and charges, any charge of possession benefits from the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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Your Defense Against Drug Possession Charges

The court system is filled with drug-related crimes. Studies show that drug use is involved, one way or another, in the vast majority of crimes charged today. Prosecutors, Judges, and politicians all take this issue very seriously. In fact, over the last twenty years, in order to succeed as a politician, adopting a "tough on crime" position is almost required to win. And when the rallying cry is to be tough on crime, that usually means being tough of drug offenders.

In Maryland, the most common drugs encountered in the criminal justice system are marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and prescription medication such as Percocet, Vicodin, and Oxycontin. Depending on the amount found and the circumstances surrounding the arrest, charges can range from simple possession to possession with intent, and beyond.

The charges filed against a defendant depend on the answers to the following questions:

  • • What type of drug was found?
  • • What was the purpose for possessing the drug?
  • • What quantity of the drug was found?
  • • What other paraphernalia, if any, was found with the drugs?
  • • What were the circumstances surrounding the arrest?

Answers to these (and other) questions form the basis for the charges that will be filed. They also form the starting point for mounting an effective defense. Just as the police and prosecutor look at the facts surrounding the arrest, so does the defense attorney. Were there others involved? Where did the arrest take place? What lead to the search in the first place?

The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

The term, "fruit of the poisonous tree" refers to evidence that is found as a result of an illegal police search. This is demonstrated when a criminal defense attorney tries to get drugs and drug paraphernalia “thrown out” of evidence because they were located through an illegal search. In many cases, this type of attorney’s attack on the State’s evidence forms the basis for a client’s criminal defense strategy.

The Court cannot consider any evidence that is located by way of an illegal search. In other words, if the police find 50 pounds of marijuana inside your trunk, but did so as the result of an improper search, that evidence will likely be thrown out and not be part of the case. These attacks on how evidence is located are usually based on one’s Constitutional right against illegal search and seizure, and the lawyer you choose to represent you should have a strong working knowledge of this subject.

The police must have what is known as probable cause to conduct a search in the first place. If probable cause was not present, the evidence will not be included in the case.

For more information on your Fourth Amendment right to be free from illegal search and seizures, click here.

Facts & Circumstances Are Everything

The circumstances surrounding a criminal case are always important. When the case involves drugs found following a police search, the surrounding circumstances are critical. Everything from the reason the police were on the scene, to what was said before, during and after the arrest play a crucial role in formulating an effective defense.

If you or a loved-one are facing drug possession charges, it is important to contact us as soon as possible, so that we may begin working on your case. Mounting an effective criminal defense requires getting started as quickly as possible and “pushing” the State to back up their case.

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