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Making and Understanding Smart Phone Calls

How to Present Yourself Well in Court

Understanding the Bail Bonds Process

Maryland Criminal Courts

Personal Injury Myth Exposed: The Higher My Medical Bills, The More I Will Recover

Personal Injury Myths Exposed: Your Case is One in a Million

Personal Injury Myth Exposed: My Case is My Lottery Ticket!

Your DNA & Your Rights

Pardon Me Sir: Receiving a Pardon in Maryland

The Bail Review: What You Need to Know

Know Your Rights: The Judge & Jury

Police Questioning: Understanding Your Rights

Know Your Rights: Your Right to a Lawyer

Understanding Probable Cause: Know Your Rights!

Communicating With Your Lawyer: Speaking the Same Language

Personal Injury Myth Exposed: Calling My Insurance Company Causes My Rates to Rise

Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer For You

Personal Injury Myth Exposed: No Two Cases Are Ever the Same

Personal Injury Myth Exposed: Settlements - Isn't Faster Better?

Auto Insurance: Top Five Questions & Answers

Personal Injury Myth Exposed: All Lawyers Are Pretty Much the Same

Probation Before Judgment: An Explanation